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Getting Started

Adding a server

Get started with Server Ranger by adding a server. To do this, click the Add button on the toolbar or click the File menu and select New Server. Next, select the type of server from three basic types. Unless they are webservers or mail servers, most servers will be network servers. Finally, fill in the required information, starting with a human-friendly name so that it is easy to remember and identify.

Sorting the server list

The server list can be organised by latency to show the slowest servers or the fastest servers. It can also be organised alphabetical, by the human-friendly name assigned to it. Click the downward arrow above the list to make your choice.

Single Server Mode

Server Ranger can scale up to monitoring many hundreds of servers but if you are only interested in one server, click the Single Server Mode button on the toolbar. This removes the list from view and focuses on just one server.

Configuring Options and Rules

Choosing the interval between checks

Server Ranger can check your servers in intervals between 30 seconds and 1 hour. Click the Server Ranger menu and choose Preferences and drag the slider to make your selection.

Setting up alerts

Separate alerts can be configured for a server in "Warning" or for an Offline server and you can also define how many checks a server should be in a particular status before an alert is issued. Click the Server Ranger menu and choose Preferences, then select either Warning Alerts or Offline Alerts, depending on which you want to configure.

Alerts include:
1. Email - enter the email address that should be contacted when the server hits the specified condition (i.e. the number of continuous checks in Warning or Offline). Click Configure SMTP to set up the details used to send the email.
2. Notification - this uses your Mac's Notification Center to issue a notification. How these display on your Mac, depends on your system's settings but they can be made to show in the Notification Center list at the right of your screen and/or display a banner.
3. Dock badge - a number can appear on your Dock badge to display the number of servers currently in Warning or Offline.
4. Play sound - a short system sound can be played It is up to you to decide how slow a server should resond before being considered in Warning: select the number of milliseconds in the box.

Become A Server Ranger Expert

Viewing the log

Click the "Show Log" button on the toolbar to view a log file of all the checks that showed either a Warning or Offline condition. This log can be printed out or exported for further analysis. Server Ranger exports to a CSV file which can be imported into Microsoft Excel or Numbers for further analysis.

Keyboard shortcuts

Server Ranger has numerous keyboard shortcuts so that it can be keyboard-driven if you so wish. Here are some of the most common shortcuts:
⌘N - add a new server
⌘R - immediately run a check on all servers
⌃⌘F - full screen view
⌘] - select next server in list
⌘[ - select previous server in list
⌘0 - open Server Ranger Viewer
⌘1 - open Overview window

Reset the database

It is possible to completely reset the database. You may wish to do this after creating a yearly export to start records again, as an example. See the FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when a server has "Warning" status?
A server in "Warning" is online and responding but its latency is longer than desired. Servers in "Warning" show up in yellow on the server list. Alerts can be issued if a server is in "Warning", see "Setting up alerts".

What does it mean when a server is Offline?
A server which is Offline is not responding or cannot be reachable by the computer that Server Ranger is running on. Offline servers are in red on the server list. Alerts can be issued if a server is Offline, see "Setting up alerts".

Is it possible to erase the database and start records again?
Yes. Click the Server Ranger menu, then select Preferences. Clicking the Reset button on the General tab will issue you a warning and will then erase the database if you proceed. Note that this cannot be undone and you may wish to go to the Log window and export the records before proceeding.

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