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Introducing Server Ranger

Monitor servers, websites and devices. Mac style.

Monitor the network performance and uptime of any computer, device, website or server.

Get alerts when things go wrong. No subscriptions, no monthly fees, no in-app purchases and no adverts. Powerful yet easy to use.

Any number of servers or devices. Server Ranger can check 1 device or 1000.

Server Ranger Features


Who says monitoring servers has to be dull? Server Ranger is built from the ground up to be a true Mac app. 


Server Ranger logs every response from your devices. Spot patterns of poor performance and print or export the evidence to a CSV file. The log file updates live, no need to refresh.

No Monthly Fees

One-time simple purchase. No monthly fees or subscriptions. No in-app purchases or adverts..

Smart Interface

Nodes performing properly are in green. Yellow indicates the node is online but slow. Red is for offline. Only interested in 1 device? Switch to Single Server Mode to reduce on-screen clutter.


Don't wait for your customers, Twitter followers or users to tell you that your site is down. Be the first to know! Server Ranger alerts you if the performance is slow or if the server has gone offline. Get alerted by emails, on-screen alerts, notifications and more.


Powerful but simple-to-use, Server Ranger scales with you, from 1 server to 1000.

One simple price of $39.99.

No subscriptions and no monthly fees. No adverts and no in-app purchases. Simple.

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