Server Ranger Monitors Websites, Servers and More

Get emails and SMS alerts when a node is slow or offline. 

Discover problems in your infrastructure. No subscriptions. 

For Mac and Windows.

Any Device. Not Just Ping

Monitor the performance and uptime for any device, server or website. Server Ranger 2 can use Ping for basic monitoring or more advanced testing for websites and email servers. Discover weak spots in your infrastructure.

Alert Policies

Server Ranger 2 allows you to decide exactly what policy each server should get. Use an Alert Policy such as Critical, Normal or Unimportant on any server. Or give each server its own custom policy.


Server Ranger logs every response from your devices. Spot patterns of poor performance and print or export the evidence to a CSV file.

Smart Interface

Nodes performing properly are in green. Yellow indicates the node is online but slow. Red is for offline. Only interested in 1 device? Switch to Single Server Mode to reduce on-screen clutter.

"Monitoring a bunch of VPS, shared hosting accounts, and local servers is so much easier with Server Ranger. I used to use free online services which always seemed to require multiple accounts for multiple sites, but I just run Server Ranger on my Mac now and reduce the hassle. The app is great. Seriously. If you have servers to monitor, you need this."

Mac App Store US Review

"Awesome purchase. Very easy to use interface making it very simple to setup in a matter of minutes. Now planning to move entirely from Pingdom to Server Ranger to monitor websites for various clients. Will save me a fortune."

Mac App Store UK Review

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