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Version History

Latest version: Server Ranger 2.5.5 - November 20 2019

• New Floating Window view. See your servers at a glance, no matter what app you are using

• Bug fixes and tweaks

Release Notes for Server Ranger 2.5.4 - August 28 2019

• Fixed a crash caused by a short URL of less than 8 characters.

Release Notes for Server Ranger 2.5.3 - August 26 2019

• Improved reliability of alerts when a website returns a 404 error. Previously this sometimes triggered a Warning alert. A 404 now reliably triggers an Offline alert.

Release Notes for Server Ranger 2.5.2 - July 11 2019

• Added email compatibility for AWS (SES) and other email services that require a From address

• Minor bug fixes"

Release Notes for Server Ranger 2.5.1 - May 22 2019

• Improved reliability of SMS message alerts on all platforms, especially Windows 10

Release Notes for Server Ranger 2.5

Please note the fix below for the web server port. Previously, Server Ranger did not always acknowledge the specified port number for the web server.

This may require some of your nodes to be updated with the actual port number that you wish to check (usually port 80 for HTTP and port 443 for HTTPS, but not always).

• Web server port setting is now always used

• New info pane for detailed information when a log entry is selected

• Email alert fixes for some email servers

•Various bug fixes and optimizations

• Now checks for the latest version of Server Ranger

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